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Saturday, October 17, 2009


So arriving in my work email (which I'm checking via webmail, but most people only check in office), is the "open enrollment coming up" email. It states, "Additional details are on the way in the coming weeks." Yes, weeks as in plural. Problem is, open enrollment starts in a week from Monday. Hello!! Don't we need our information BEFORE open enrollment starts???? Like, duh, that would help! Especially since our medical insurance provider is changing (back to the one we had just before the buyout), our dental insurance provider is changing (not that it matters to me - I have a cheaper plan on my own), our pharmacy benefits are changing to a new provider, and there are new eligibilty criteria for the upcoming year. So it's not like we can just elect to re-up everything we've got, since EVERYTHING is changing. Even our Flex Spend is changing - the max amount is higher now.

Timing, people, timing. It makes a world of a difference.

So once I get my packet (Monday, hopefully????), I'll have to begin the whole "provider search" to make sure my primary care plus my two specialists plus the new specialist I'm seeing the 2nd to last day on the current plan are on the new plan. If the new one is not on the plan, I'll be cancelling her in the next week or two. No sense in going to see her once and then having to turn around and do another "new patient exam" with the next one. Let's just hope this new plan doesn't have anything against allergy shots. According to the reactions I get each time, I'm nowhere near ending them yet.


Feeling Better!

Thanks everyone who prayed! My temperature was normal today :-). Let's just pray it stays that way 24 hours. I could tell before I took it that I no longer had a low-grade fever. I've had lots of energy today and even cleaned! I mopped both bathrooms, the entry way, and the hallway. I scrubbed on my hands and knees in front of the washer/dryer and the back entry way (it needed it!). I also vacuumed the stairs and upstairs hallway and cleaned the upstairs bath. I still need to take care of laundry, but that's a never-ending tasking, and rehang the shower curtain liner - I soaked it while cleaning the bathroom.

Hope y'all are have a fantastic weekend!


Friday, October 16, 2009

3 words:



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Results

Suspected H1N1 flu. Test was inconclusive, but he said it's possible they just didn't get enough germs to test it. Given my asthma history and the fact that of the 5 co-workers and 4 of their kids who have been sick in the past two weeks, at least 3 of them have test positive for the flu, so he's treating it as such. I'm on Tamiflu, my asthma meds, and as needed, Ibuprofen, unless any complications arise. Of course it goes without saying, lots of fluids and rest. I can return to the land of the living on Monday, providing there are no complications.



My fever was 101.2F when I got home from work today. I didn't realize it was that high! I'd been having chills since after lunch and have been wheezing most of the day. I'm doing a breathing treatment now and then heading to the local walk-in clinic. If it's the flu, I really hope they give me Tamiflu. With asthma, I can't afford any complications. A little ol' sinus infection caused me weeks (maybe months, I lost track) of flareups last year. I don't need any of that this year!

Keep me in your prayers. I'll update later tonight or in the morning.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

Remember the cute green and pink little bag I blogged about a few posts back? Well, here's the cutie that I received in the swap. Jenn at Frugal Front Porch made mine. She also included a handmade Christmas ornament and a cute key chain and some other goodies. Didn't she do a great job? I love the colors of the bag.


Pink Baby Quilt Finished!

Picture's not the greatest, but it's finished. Except for the label, lol. I just had to call and check the spelling of the name. Done before the baby shower for a change, though not before the baby's birth. The baby was a preemie and is still in the hospital. They are anticipating she'll go home beginning of November. Our church is hosting a baby shower on the 22nd for the mom. The family had just joined our church when the mom began having complications. The baby was delivered a few weeks later. I machine stitched the binding, but I definitely need practice. I followed the directions that came in a magazine this month - I think the AQS magazine.


Finally getting to sew some!

Guess what? I got to sew this week. I made not one thing, but two. First up is a little friendship bag. I participated in an online swap and made this for my partner. Mine came Thursday; I'll post a pic of it soon. My partner liked brights. When I went shopping, the quilt store had these two paired together, and I couldn't resist. I mainly followed the pattern, but used a whole piece in place of the 5 1/2" X 1 1/2" pieced top of the little bag. I also used grosgrain ribbon in place of making fabric handles. I used one of my "fancy" stitches to quilt the top and then 3 parallel lines on the bottom. It was a fun and easy pattern to make a cute little bag.

I also was able to get together with a friend tonight to sew. Another friend from church was there as well. I made a hooded towel. I've been wanting to make one of these for awhile and since my nephew's birthday is this week, I figured now as a good a time as any. At first I was going to do a puppy dog, but then decided Elmo would be better. I swung by Walmart on the way to pick up the towels. I followed these directions. I did modify them a bit, rounding the hood part some (like making the corner on a purse) and added the face.

Doesn't my table lamp make a good model?

I hope to get a baby quilt bound (the one that Jill quilted for me) this week as well. The baby shower will be in two or three weeks. I can't go to the shower since I have class that night, but I'll drop it at church or send it with a friend. I'm also working on a quilt for the lady at church who was hurt in the car accident.

Loving fall break! No classes Monday or Tuesday, though I still have to go to work. No homework in theory. Had two tests this week and 1 coming up the week after fall break. So no massive amounts of homework for a few days!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I may be too busy enjoying my sewing time to visit any.